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286. After strike 3 looking:
“That’s called getting undressed folks! ...I didn’t mean that literally... it’s just a phrase.”

285. “Oh my word!”

284. Regarding the 2008 bullpen:
“Man, Jerry Manuel is treating this bullpen like they’re the last kids picked in dodgeball!”

283. “I love those video games where you kill things”

282. “I notice they think I can’t speak any Spanish when I go down to that clubhouse... Unfortunately, the truth is I really can’t put a sentence together in Espanol!”

281. “If you folks wanna grab a soda or something now is the time because Lou Pinella takes forever to get to the mound!”

280. After a generously ruled hit:
“I wish these official scorers were around when I played. Jeez It’s a kinder gentler nation!”

279. “They think I don’t speak Spanish down in that clubhouse Unfortunately the truth is I can’t put a sentence together in Spanish!”

278. Mex: “A League of Your Own” now there was a film I didn’t think I was going to like and I just loved it. I probably went in there with the wrong attitude and I just loved the movie!”
Gary: “I’m glad to hear that you can be swayed”
Mex: “Well I have a very open mind”

277. Gary: “I can’t think of anybody who really distinguished themselves wearing number 44 for the Mets...”
Mex: “You know more about Met history than I. I grew up on the other coast and I must confess I was never a Met fan... until ’69 (sheepishly) I was a front runner”

276. “There’s the old hook slide - Maury Wills style!”

275. “Boy we’ve seen some base running blunders in this series - have we not! It’s like a bunch of little leaguers running out there”

274. “...that was in ’93 and I was not watching any baseball games. It was my second year in retirement and I didn’t watch games for about 4 years. I went on a sabbatical”

273. “What was that Frank Sinatra song? ’Set ’em up Joe’? “3 O’clock in the morning no one in the place but you and me so set ’em up Joe” - I love that song”

272. After10-0 Met win:
“Hopefully this is a nice portent of things to come for this club”

271. “My watch stopped working today. I need to buy a new one tomorrow”

270. “I walked into the clubhouse today and the amount of media was shocking! It was like a shark fest down there”

269. “Joaquin Andujar had one of the best pickoff moves I’ve ever seen. Andujar and Ronnie Darling”

268. “I’m telling you Ron is my idol! He’s a hard working guy. He could have taken the week off to be with his lovely bride but instead he’s in the studio!”

267. “Well you know me, if I had my druthers I would always take pitching over offense”

266. “I’m tempted to read “The Natural” I hear its a wonderful baseball book”

265. Watching monitor in the booth:
Gary: “All I know is the feed from the Florida game has a Just For Men commercial on it right now”
Mex: “There’s Emmit! He looks much better doesn’t he?”

264. “Well that’s an outing that will get you straight to the local bar - give me a double!”

263. Re: Gold Glove Award
“Well, I could tell you that Steve Garvey was the perennial winner before me. I won in ’78 for the 1st time and shoulda won in ’77. Then again I was hurt most of the year in ’88 and missed a lot of the season but still won the golden glove when I didn’t really deserve it - so I guess it evened out”

262. Mex: “I was always a Charger fan as a kid growing up in the old AFL days”
Gary: “John Hadl, Lance Alworth”
Mex: “Sid Gillman was the head coach Anyway, I got to know the clubhouse guy for the Chargers a couple of years ago, he’s a NY’er, and he sent me 2 uniforms, the roads and home the baby blues. I have ’em down in Florida and I love ’em!”

261. “You just can’t get good help these days”

260. “Just throw goose eggs”

259. “They say Lasting’s defense has improved enormously... hmmm “immensely” I guess would be a better word”

258. “Playing second for the Nats is Emile Bonafacio - I just LOVE that name!”

257. “Excuse my yawn. You know how it is”

256. “Remember kick-ball in the old days?”

255. Mex: “I’ve never seen anybody get so flustered when things don’t go right as Jay Horwitz does”
Gary: “Can’t you be nice to him even on his birthday?!?”
Mex: “Oh I love Jay you know that!”

254. “I mean who would’ve thought Sid Fernandez would be one of the heroes of the ’86 World Series by coming out of the bullpen?!?”

253. “I faced Jerry Koosman as a Met and as a Phillie later in his career and I can’t say that I enjoyed any of those AB’s”

252. “I think it’s important to note, there are a lot of player who were winners that are not in the Hall of fame and Jerry Koosman is certainly is one of them”

251. Gary: “We can’t keep flowers in our backyard because of Riley and Angie, they dig a lot they’re really big diggers.”
Mex: “Oh, well Duncan is a flat coat retriever. They can dig too but the breeder told us to get him real early and teach him not to dig and Kai, my wife, did a great job”
Gary: “You mean you can TRAIN a dog???”
Mex: “Yeah you know, like your kids”

250. “I think it’s a good idea for these new parks to have all their nuances and idiosyncrasies”

249. “Swimming is very good exercise”

248. “A couple of late scratches for the Nationals maybe a case of Ollie Perez-itis”

247. “We’re being told we’re not a democracy by the truck. They’re Stalinists in the truck”

246. Re: Defensively challenged Pirate catcher Ryan Doumit:
Gary: “Eventually they’re going to have to find someplace for him to play”
Mex: “First base. I hate to say it but they just seem to dump everybody there. It’s so disrespectful!”

245. “I just love that story Ralph Kiner told last week when he talking about the smog in Pittsburgh His wife was pregnant and she was getting sick one morning because the smog was blowing in an open window but Ralph was just smiling to himself because he knew the wind would be blowing out at Forbes Field that day! I about fell out of my chair at home when I heard that one!”

244. Gary: “Are you a warm and fuzzy Grandpa?”
Mex: “I actually like ’em better when they’re grown up”

243. “The guys playing today would laugh at our spring training with the cardinals. We would go on road trips and in the bus after the game there would be 3 coolers with Anheuser Busch products. Guys are trying to get in shape and we’d be pounding beers on the way home!”

242. “I hardly drink beer anymore anyway. Very seldom do I have a cold one. It has to be a real hot day I just don’t enjoy ’em like I used to.”

241. “I never liked Iron City beer it tasted like steel to me. I like an occasional Rolling Rock but the taste buds didn’t like Iron City”

240. “Backdoor-ed him here, big ole bender, a rainbow curve!”

239. Mex: “Y’know what I like about the cell phones is my whole life I never trusted hotel operators to wake me up. It happened a few times in my career where the operator didn’t wake me up and I never trusted the clock radios because you never know - in the middle of the night during the summer you might have a thunderstorm or a power outage — anything can happen! So for those day games I always had to have someone wake me up”
Gary: “So you’re saying now you set your cell phone?”
Mex: “Yes. So now I just set my cell phone - it’s sweet!”

238. Gary: “What do you put in your coffee?”
Mex: “Soy milk. I’ve gotten used to it”
Gary: “Wow, you are the picture of health”
Mex: “I’ve acquired a taste for soymilk. I didn’t like it at first. I thought Kai was trying to kill me for a minute there, but when I hit 240 she got alarmed”

237. Mex: “Nothing makes a hitter more angry than a line drive that has base hit written all over it but is caught because the OF is playing shallow”
Gary: “But if you make up for it by hitting one over his head...”
Mex: “That’s exactly right - I’ll get you, you son of a gun!”

236. “Everything in California is great except for the taxes”

235. “Good pitch to hit right here... if it’s a fastball be on it like a rash!”

234. On David Wright
Mex: “I betcha he keeps a clean house - makes his bed in the morning too”
Gary: “Really?”
Mex: “I do. I had to, it was my mom’s rule, I couldn’t leave the house without making my bed and I’m glad she did that. It was good discipline”

233. “I had the great fortune to get to know Satchel Paige when I was in AAA Tulsa. Satchel, who was probably well into his 80’s, was on salary and he’d be at every home game sitting in his rocking chair down in the bullpen and he’d also come out for BP. So here I am, a 19-20 year old kid and there’s Satchel Paige and boy he had some stories to tell! He was a part of the rich history of the game and I was very fortunate to have him in my life”

232. Mex: “For this Pirate staff their offense has been so anemic the pitcher goes out there knowing they can’t give up 1 or 2 runs or they’re gonna be a “Larry” in the paper the next day”
Gary: “And that would be...?”
Mex: “A Larry is a losing pitcher, heh, heh, heh”

231. “I love a complete game”

230. “Umpires do a good job when they’re not noticed”

229. Ron: “We make tons of mistakes (in the booth) that can happen”
Gary: “I’ll admit to making mistakes “
Ron: “I’m on board”
Mex: “I’m not goin’ there”

228. “I always liked a bat with wide grain, one that had 5 or 6 grains. I always felt like I had a Fred Flintstone war club, y’know like Bam-Bam!”

227. With Tom Seaver visiting the booth SNY flashes graphic of Seaver’s career stats: including a lifetime Win/Loss Record of 311-205
“Wow Tom how’d you lose all those games - 205 that’s a LOT!”
Everyone in the booth FALLS OUT laughing

226. Off shot of fans in Shea picnic area watching through the cutout fence in OF wall:
“Looks like the funny farm.”

225. Mex: “I always liked Dave Kingman”
Ron: “What did he say to you when you first came over in a trade?”
Mex: “He had a big smile on his face up in Montreal, came up to me and said, “Keith I’m glad you’re here, you’re my ticket out!”
Laughter from Gary and Ron
Mex: “I was crestfallen!”

224. After Mets fall behind 12-0 early:
Keith: “this could be a great game to rest the starters.”
Gary: “This could be a great game to take phone calls in the booth.”
Keith: “OHHHHHHHHHH, that could be HORRIBLY exciting!”

223. After watching replay of a Wright 2 run HR:
“That was a hanging slider, right down the middle. Like he was hitting off a “T”. Man, that ball was screaming on its way to the plate!”

222. “Whatever works to relax and have a day away from the grind. I used to always go for a 5 o’clock cocktail myself”

221. After Gary mentioned the Mets upcoming day off:
“So you figure this Thursday they stay in, watch a movie and order pizza?”

220. “Those 3 hit days are a thing of beauty trust me”

219. Mex: “That’s trouble with a “T” and I don’t mean pool. That’s ’The Music Man’ ”

218. After 3rd base coach Luis Aguayo is hit with a foul ball:
“Hey! Infield in, you gotta knock it down!”

217. “You don’t make the club while sitting in the tub”

216. On Lastings Milledge’s incredibly deep playing depth in CF:
“There he is. He’s out there in Altoona!”

215. “Oh, these ten nothing juegos”

214. “Jerry Manuel treats this bullpen like they’re the last kids picked in dodgeball”

213. “Oh my word!”

212. Mex: “Whitey Herzog was really the first manager that got me to start thinking about the game. I listened to everything he ever told me.”
Gary: ”Have to ever told him that?”
Mex: “Uh no”

211. Off shot of boat heading down Ohio River in Cincy:
Mex: “That’s actually a little tributary of the Ohio river right there and that’s the kind of boat Huck Finn and Tom Sawyer would be on... and Big Jim too”

210. “Ted Williams once told me the pitch up and away is the shortest distance for the bat to get to the ball. Provided you stay level of course”

209. Gary: “What number did Andy Phillps wear with the Mets? 29?”
Mex: “You got me there, Gar”

208. Mex: “I love that Mr. Red logo on their uniform. It’s the same the logo that was on the baseball cards I used collect as a kid back in the 50’s and 60’s”
Gary: “Did he always have the handle bar mustache?”
Mex: “Of course... and I always loved that logo!”

207. “Well, there lies the rub, as Shakespeare would say”

206. Mex: “... uh, sorry folks I wasn’t paying attention. I missed that entire replay there was a replay there right?”
Gary: “There was and it was a very nice replay”
Mex: “Yeah I really fell asleep there”

205. “Reminds me of Gary Carter. Even with 2 bad knees ”Kid” could block that plate. He was like a human roadblock”

204. “I’m down to 224 right now if I can get under 220 I’ll have a banana split”

203. “My great grandfather on my Mother’s side, RJ, was a Hellcatter. He fought the oil rig fires. Very dangerous work.”

202. “Have you ever had bananas foster? They’re very delicious.”

201. On Delgado’s game tying hit
”Delgado - clutching OUT!”

200. “Sandy Koufax never pitched well in Candlestick. The cold weather wasn’t good for his arthritis”

199. “I don’t like all the umpires today getting together, having a little mound session and then changing the call”

198. “Nowadays the grounds crew comes out every 3 innings. It’s kinda like big government ya’ know, you don’t have to work they’ll take care of it for ya’”

197. “As a first baseman you always gotta garden around that bag. I’ll tell ya’ what, spikes are multi purpose. You can use your spikes as a rake. I always tended my garden because it gets chewed up with runners on base and that right there was my little patch”

196. Off shot of old school Kris-Kraft boat motoring down the Ohio river in Cincy
”Think they’ve got a cooler on board?”

195. Gary: “All I know is anyone who can eat ice cream text and still do a broadcast the way you do could switch hit”
Mex: “And I never lose a beat neither”

194. “You got a pitcher out there struggling why not looks for a gas attack on 3-1?”

193. “They just don’t call the high strike anymore do they?”

192. “Beltran is a temperate man”

191. “Norm Cash was always a threat”

190. “Bronson Arroyo sure has some great lox”

189. “I never liked casino gambling... never did”

188. “These maple bats are really out of control”

187. After Home Plate umpire refused to grant Carlos Delgado time out
Mex: “That’s Angel Hernandez he thinks the people are here to watch him!”

186. Gary: “You see the complete over-shift against Ryan Howard”
Mex: “That’s the isosceles triangle defense”

185. Ron: “I’m sure in your day a few fly balls you hit to CF here in Big Shea made you take that right hand turn with a couple of choice words”
Mex: “Oh I would’ve been mad at myself just for hitting a fly ball - I’d rather hit a line drive”

184. “There’s a lot of baseball people and there’s a lot of number punchers in this game now that run it. And I think there’s a conflict there between the baseball people and the people up there with their computers and all their numbers”

183. “A quality start? To me that’s a lowering of the bar”

182. Off a Geoff Jenkins uppercut swing:
Mex: “That’s all he wants to do is lift, Ronnie”
Ron: “That’s the swing we all had when we were about 10 years old in the backyard playing wiffle ball”
Mex: “Oh my dad woulda given me a spanking”
Ron: “What if your Dad wasn’t watching?”
Mex: “Well... uh... that’s true”

181. “I had a hunch it was gonna be one of these nights”

180. “It’s all about fundies folks. The Bay of Fundy

179. On Maine’s newly rediscovered curveball
Mex: “He’s definitely mixing it into his repertoire (beat) that’s French for repertoire”
Gary: “Is he right Ronnie?”
Ron: “He’s always right - you know that about this booth!”

178. On Fan Man’s (Mike Sergio) legendary parachute decent into Game 6 of the ’86 WS
Ron: “I gave him a Hi-5 and I got a lot of grief for that”
Mex: “He startled me because he came over CF and all of a sudden out of my peripheral vision I saw something from behind. I was like what the heck’s going on here? I thought the Russians were coming!”

177. Mex: “That was a punch and Judy... is that OK that I say that? I won’t lose my job?”
Gary: “You’ve got a job for life”
Mex: “No one’s Teflon... The Teflon Don, look what happened to him”

176. Ron: “I’ve never seen a triple play”
Mex: “I have... I can’t remember when, but I know I have”

175. Mex: “So for you youngsters don’t sit there and toss the baloney around with your teammates. Keep your eye on the pitcher, see what he’s throwing what his tendencies are”
Ron: “Did you ever toss the mortadella?”
Gary: “Have you ever roasted a baloney? It’s delicious”
Mex: “I never was a baloney fan”

174. “I love meringue”

173. “Obviously if you live on a boat you don’t have to pay state taxes”

172. Guy in stands blowing a party favor in a girl’s face:
Mex: “Look at this ... if you’re trying to get her attention that’s not gonna work”

171. Gary: “Joe Nelson (FLA RP) has that Vulcan change-up with his four fingers split - two fingers on one side of the ball and two on the other”
Mex: “He’s also got that Klingon fastball”

170. “That is the lament of the bench player. The toughest job in baseball”

169. “Just when you think you got it figured out this game comes back and bites ya’”

168. Shot of kid in Jacuzzi at Marlins game:
Mex: I thought they paid to watch a BALLGAME!
Gary: “Well it’s a little kid”
Mex: “I had to sit with my Dad. He didn’t let me run around like a crazy man”
Gary: “And see what it did to you”
Mex: “That’s right - repressed!”

167. Gary: “Do you show him something else here?”
Mex: “I’d go up the ladder cuz he’s got such a hole upstairs in his swing that he’s blind up and in... that’s baseball parlance folks.

166. Gary: “Ryan Howard has struck out 139 times so far this year”
Mex: “I would have to see a psychiatrist if I struck out that many times!”

165. Mex: “the runner needs to come further down the line on that play. It just wasn’t very good instincts there. I’m really being a stickler here on the intricacies of this game tonight - I’m sorry”
Gary: “Well if you’re not gonna stickle who will?”
Mex: “Good point”

164. “I know I’m supposed to pay attention to both leagues but I have a hard time paying attention to the American League”

163. Gary: “I think most players have an old coach or someone they turn to for advice when things aren’t going well”
Mex: “A mentor”
Gary: “Thank you”
Mex: “Yeah like Aristotle”

162. “If I’d have been a right hander I would’ve loved to be a shortstop”

161. Gary: “It’s Lance Berkman bobble-head nite here in Houston”
Mex: “I want a bobble-head! I’m collecting the bobble-heads around the league now. I think they’re great!”

160. “Time heals all wounds well, most anyway... not all... but the great majority of ’em”

159. “Terrible slide! That’s, that HORRIBLE slide I hate! It’s the slide Du Jour and it just STINKS!”

158. Gary: “You and John McEnroe have a lot in common”
Mex: “We’re both irascible?”

157. “All hitters are carnivorous”

156. “Y’know aspirin dilates the blood vessels of the brain”

155. “That 1st Freddy movie was kinda scary wasn’t it?”

154. “Usually when it rains in Philly it gets on the NJ turnpike, comes up here and pays a visit”

153. Gary: “Argenis Reyes is like Baba Looey to Jose Reyes’s Quick Draw McGraw”
Mex: “Baba Looey was also the sidekick of El Kabong”

152. Mex: “What the heck has he got around his neck? Is that sunglasses??? What is that? ...Oh it’s a magnetic necklace for circulation The heck with the circulation does it have any hits in it?”

151. Re: the old White Sox uniforms with shorts
Mex: “You should’ve seen Greg Luzinski in those shorts! I used to make dinner reservations after a day game in Chicago at 9 instead of 8 just so I could see Luzinski in those shorts!”

150. After screwing up on the “telestrator”:
Mex: ”If I was a painter I’d be an impressionist. The whole thing about impressionism was that everybody painted precisely and it was a break from tradition. And the impressionist said ’I can’t see the scoreboard like if I was 5 feet in front if I’m a quarter mile away, it’s a little blurred’. And that was the big difference in impressionistic painting as opposed to the more precise painting which was my favorite period of painting”
Gary: “So somehow you’ve managed to link telestration and it’s effect on baseball with water lilies? That’s very impressive Monet”
Mex: “ Toulouse Hernandez!”

149. Mets vs Houston , 3-3, bottom of the 5th.
”I love that Met bullpen out here in Houston. It looks like you could go out there looking for Victor Mature and Demetrius and the gladiators. They look like they’re ready to come out in the middle of the coliseum and have at it!”

148. Mex: “Um I’m having a problem with my White-Out here.
Gary: “ You? White-Out??”
Mex: “Yup, it’s not operating properly and it’s driving me crazy!”

147. While in Philly a foul ball was smoked down the line. It ricocheted and cut across the ball girls chest. Mex screamed, “Whoa, letter high!”

146. After the Mets almost turned a 3-6-3 double play:
Gary: “Do you think Delgado could’ve went to the bag before throwing to second on that one?”
Mex: “ Ya know, Gary, I honestly wasn’t paying attention.”
Gary: “OK”
Mex: “Sometimes you just start staring out into the crowd and focusing on people”

145. “There is nothing I ever experienced in my entire 17-years in the big leagues better than Dwight Gooden those first couple of years. It was just so electric - so exciting!”

144. “I’m back ... and all you people who are going ’oh no’ well, hang with ’em pal!”

143. “Speaking of Das Boot did you know that over in Germany it’s a miniseries - it’s like 6 hours. It’s amazing!”

142. “I had a nice nap this afternoon so I’m feeling fresh”

141. Ask the Booth Question: Is there any player in the majors that reminds you of yourself? Mex: “No, I haven’t really thought about comparing someone to myself.”

140. After cameras spotted a squirrel and pigeon on the field: “Man, it’s Marlin Perkins Wild Kingdom out there!”

139. Ron: Lance Parrish had such muscular forearms that his muscles would ripple when he put down the change-up sign. That’s how Dykstra and Backman knew what pitch to steal on.”
Mex: Well why didn’t anyone tell me?!?

138. “I used to bring my knives and forks to the plate when I had this situation off a right hand sinker pitcher”

137. “When you’re a hitter it can run into your pots and pans”

136. Regarding the big curveball Tom Glavine used to throw:
Mex: “I took him to the bridge on one of those”

135. Off an Ollie Perez K: “Well there you go A-Rod 5 straight gas attacks. Take that back to the dugout with you!”

134. “Oooh that one caught Schneider in the...uh. lower abdomen - to be polite”

133. “This is mano a mano as they say down under”

132. “There’s 1 thing you have to do as an everyday player, and it’s not that tough. You run on the field and you run off the field. Nothing looks worse than a team walking of the field”

131. “Kaz Matsui is the biggest chink in the Mets lineup.”

130. “Our director Bill Webb just asked if I’m eating peanuts but I’m actually fighting a bronchial chest cold again. I’ve got the sniffles and I’m on the penicillin so I don’t get pneumonia like I did 2 of the last 3 years. Oh man, that’s no fun at all!”

129. “I came up with the label ’The Next Stan Musial’. I’d led AAA in hitting .352 uh actually .356, and was given that label by the St Louis farm director”

128. “Really the only consolation when I got traded from St Louis to NY was that Blue was my favorite color”

127. Ron: “They used to give us salt tablets on the hot humid days”
Mex: “I didn’t like those salt tablets, they tasted like ... salt”

126. “I love the person in the street that comes by and says ’can I have your autograph’ and he pulls his wallet out and he has my card in it, and its happened, I’m telling you a dozen times, in New York. You carry my baseball card in your wallet? What are you, sick?”

125. “Geez, it is a great honor to have the No. 1 mustache in the greater New York area; I love it”

124. “Boy this popcorn at Shea is fantastic!”

123. When Mex noticed the Padre pitcher tipping his curveball
“...can somebody get me a bat?”

122. Gary: “The new Reds pitcher is Jon Coutlangus”
Mex: “Oh my”
Gary: It’s *very* carefully pronounced”
Keith: “It’s a tongue-twister, isn’t it?” (10 seconds of dead air)

121. “Time to tighten up... you gotta love a fan of Archie Bell and the Drells” BMF is DIGGIN’ this tune!!!

120. “Oh man, with the infield back that’s an easy rib eye steak out there!”

119. “I was a drop back quarterback in high school”

118. “You gotta hit the cut-off man! Please! This is just awful”

117. “I almost went to Stanford on a baseball/football scholarship”

116. “The difference in the game between now and 20 years ago is nowadays guys all want to go for the downs too much.”

115. “He really goosed that change-up”

114. “I make that point because Ronnie would go nuts. The pitcher has GOT to back up third on that play and he was tardy.”

113. As Ted Williams graphics flash on-screen
Mex: “Do you see that lifetime batting avg? .344”
Gary: “He was very good”
Mex: “That’s what I hit in 1979. Do you know how tough that is for one year let alone your whole career?!?”

112. “The fountain of youth is over”

111. Gary: “I’ve got a question: How does a catcher call 7 different pitches on just 5 fingers?”
Mex: (thinks for a moment) “Y’know Gar... You may have something there”

110. “Just get ahead with the fastball and then monkey around with the other stuff”

109. “Secondary pitch - that’s my new word I got that from Ronnie”

108. “That was back in the day when YA Tittle would throw the alley-oop to RC Owens”

107. “It was an unintentional inside pitch. The catcher set up on the outside but the pitch came inside for strike 3. This will drive a hitter crazy! You just sit there and go "you lucky son of a gun you!”

106. “Well you know the rule about leadoff walks... 60% of ’em come home to score”

105. Gary: “Of course You hit for the cycle that night”
Mex: “Yes I did and I got the single in extra innings”
Gary: “I wasn’t going to mention that”
Mex: “Well, I had a base hit in the first inning in my first AB that Terry Tata blew the call on, so in my mind I had a legitimate cycle... so THERE!”

104. “Gary was in a lot more slumps than me”

103. Mex: “Pusan, South Korea, that was the point of attack - Douglas MacArthur and the Korean War”
Gary: “Y’know sitting here with you day after day, it’s better than a college level history course”
Mex: “Pusan was on the very southern part of the island and that was where the forces were driven back when the initial offensive from the communist North Koreans. Of course MacArthur came around and had his landing on Inchon and cut them off. It was a great move by MacArthur. Douglas was a genius’

102. “I bet you the ancient Egyptians would be in awe of that”

101. “Boy he’s just lost in space!”

100. “Are those mojitos?”

99. “I get my physical every year in October around my birthday and I make sure to get the prostate checked”

98. Mex: “That’s Pelfrey’s best weapon, Gary. That fastball to right hand hitters. He should just pound their paddle in... That’s baseball terminology folks”
Gary: “Kinda like Whack-a-Mole”

97. “Endy is kinda like the Mookie Wilson of this ball club in my opinion. He’s that got that same kind of spark and hustle”

96. “I’m worried about my lawn back home”

95. Mex: “During our lead-up to the game Leroy, the sound man here in SD, had a Who concert on. I was ready to get back in uniform after that!”
Gary: “You were banging on the table like Keith Moon”
Mex: “It was great - an hour and a half of solid Who!”

94. Gary: “With a last name of Guevara I would imagine his nickname is Che”
Mex: “If my last name was Guevara I wouldn’t want to be called Che”

93. “It’s a gentleman’s club now. ’Sorry, old chap’”

92. “I was hot stuff in Little League”

91. “Bill Robinson, our hitting coach in the ’80’s, came over to me in spring training once and said, ’Now Keith, what am I gonna tell you? You’re a better hitter than me so is there anything you want me to watch in your swing?’ And I thought that was a great thing to say”

90. “When my father was in Cardinal camp he was highly touted. Had a big year at AA in ’47 and went to camp in ’48 where Rogers Hornsby was a minor league hitting instructor. Hornsby told my father. ’You’re never gonna make it to the big leagues’ and I just can’t fathom that ANY instructor would EVER that say to a minor leaguer!”

89. “With that arm, he couldn’t throw Molly Puts out”

88. “If you get a hit a day it’ll keep your head out of the oven”

87. Mex: “Where did this kid come from? He’s got a nice repertoire (beat) that’s French Gary”
Gary: “ That’s very nice How do you spell it?”
Mex: “R - E - P - E - R - oh boy - T - O - I - R - E - right?”
Gary: “That’s very impressive!”

86. Mex: “You’re being very insouciant today, do you know that? These day games really bring out the insouciance in you”
Gary: “What exactly does that mean?”
Mex: “Oh, footloose and fancy free”

85. “That’s what we used to call a 30 minute - 3 Michelob interview”

84. “Don’t bite your nails”

83. “Acting is really not what I’m interested in. I’m not an aspiring actor and you should be able to tell”

82. “I smoked in that game - 2 and a half packs, just during the game!"

81. “Lou Brock told me learn your catchers as well as your pitchers because catchers like to call what they can’t hit”

80. “Your beard is weird!”

79. “Do you like those sideburns? I don’t. I would never have my sideburns like that”

78. “Don’t listen to me folks, trust me I haven’t had a drink”

77. “The only thing I do... right with my body... is I’m right-footed”

76. “Yes, well Dunky’s 95 pounds and all male too but he’s a wuss when it comes to thunder and firecrackers”

75. “I’m worried about my dog Dunky tonight. It’s firecracker night, and he doesn’t like firecrackers. I wish I could be there to comfort him, but you know, I gotta work”

74. “I have got the most delicious Tootsie Pop! I haven’t had one in so long”

73. “No, I never eat heavy at night. I may drink heavy, but I never eat heavy at night”

72. “I’m gonna order a bottle of wine, with my daughter, and my wife, and I’m gonna savor it, after this debacle of a game”

71. On Ambiorix Burgos: “Sounds like a prescription drug...take 3 a day"

70. “Moms are the best”

69. “I’m texting my Daughter right now to make sure she calls her mom today...”

68. “They’re the one’s playing. We’re just sitting on our tails up here”

67. “The Farmer’s Almanac says lots of late spring rain for the North East this year”

66. “Good lord, C’mon guys!”

65. “How did the pilgrims make it through their first winter here? Jeez it’s freezing! I mean it’s May - C’mon!”

64. “I’m telling ya’ there’s just not enough tough love in baseball these days”

63. “No one’s gonna feel sorry for you. Everyone’s got their own problems so they don’t want to hear about yours”

62. “Either he got a good night’s sleep or someone should check his coffee”

61. “When you pinch hit - Thou Shalt Not Pass”

60. “Hey-- can we get another shot of those kids... ...yeah, those are the kids that were in this booth earlier... just thought it was a playpen. I had to shoo ’em out! I’m telling you Jake and Matt gotta learn to behave themselves when they come in the both!”

59. “Look at that old Astros uniform - that was a real stinker!”

58. “For all you kids out there the key to making a tag is catch the ball, and bring the glove to the bag. Let the guy slide to your glove so whatever nonsense he pulls, it’s not gonna matter.”

57. “Why didn’t we have the organ in the pregame?”

56. “...and that iced the ’79 batting championship for me”

55. “I just can’t get over those double flap little league helmets some of these guys wear”

54. “I’ve got the dental floss”

53. “Your bat is like your best friend”

52. “I’ve always said homeruns are very seductive”

51. Mex: “Quitting smoking was one of the best decisions I ever made. I knew it was bad for me from the get go. Took me 3 years to quit. I needed to get out of my milieu of smoking, which was baseball - nervous game, smoking between innings... So I quit when I retired and haven’t had a cigarette since ’94 or ’95”
Gary “That’s good”
Mex: “It’s excellent! Thank you”

50. Gary: “Have you ever even been in the upper deck?”
Mex: “errrr, uhhh... Yes I have! I did that PSA for New York City’s no smoking campaign back when I was playing. That’s a “Public Service Announcement” and we shot it way up in the upper tank It’s actually a lot of fun up there”

49. “As all you folks know, when you’re cold in your feet, you shiver all over”

48. “Speaking of long underwear, I never liked the long johns. You had 2 kinds, the thermals and the thinner ones but they’re both very restrictive. When Bobby Bonds came to STL he had a pair of Danskin tights — “for the extra tall woman”. They don’t make ’em for men I guess. So I put ’em on and there was no restriction”

47. “I had a great season in little league that year. I was 10”

46. “Hey Eddie’s here! Eddie Kranepool, my man! So did you get the boat out to Sag Harbor yet???”

45. “I had that good running movement on my pitches in high school - back when I pitched”

44. “You bet your sweet bippy it’s gonna be a bunt”

43. Ron: “So Willie gets up there and fouls off a bunt, very next pitch, Nolan throws one right at his knee and he’s out for three months”
Mex: “The good old days”

42. “Farnsworth came in with gasoline in his back pocket... he’s getting lit up!"”

41. “I’ve never been to Spain. I need to go”

40. “I never wore sunglasses at the plate. They’ve come a long way with sunglasses and l’m not really up on it but to me I’d want to be able to see the distinction between the red seams and the white bride”

39. “I don’t over indulge on Tootsie Pops anymore — just one a day”

38. “I’m on a diet right now trying to lose the boiler a little bit. I can’t have any processed sugar and boy am I starving! I need a meal.”

37. “I love your little chuckle Ronnie”

36. “Very nicely described there Gary — your ’radio’ came out”

35. “The Mets are nothing more than a big tease"

34. “Oh Ronnie, great call - thank you!”

33. “That’s a baseball saying folks. When the pitcher makes pitches on you us hitters begrudgingly say, ’I tip my hat to you’... but I’ll get you next time you son of a gun!”

32. “$1 seats in the upper tank? Well, I’m sure you can pull the old el sneako down to the lower seats. I did it in basketball with the SF Warriors back in the Wilt Chamberlain days. We’d wait ’till the 4th quarter and get right down to the front row”

31. “I’ve been in several tornados. One in Tulsa OK in ’74 that hit exactly 20 blocks from me and I was terrified. It was right out of Wizard of Oz. I was in an apt complex and started thinking ’gosh I’ve heard of these complexes going up like a matchbox’ so I ran outside and into a gully.
So I’m in this gully in my bathing suit — and before I know it the water is chest high and I said, ’I’m gonna drown if a tree falls on me!’ so I ran BACK into the apt! This is a true story — the tornado finally blew over but when the next day came, I had poison oak head to toe from that gully!”

30. “It’s not easy going up against the wall as an outfielder when you’re really an infielder. Great catch by Anderson!”

29. “Oh right in his happy area!”

28. Gary: “Game better than 4 hours old”
Mex: “Is it 4 hours already?”
Gary: “Well, we’re in the 13th inning”
Mex: “You’re right. Oh man I’ve been having so much fun that time’s just been flying by!”

27. “He dropped the 3-2 hammer on him!”

26. “It’s definitely getting a little nippy”

25. “I’ve complained about managers over-managing and having too much control over their players but the more I’m in the booth watching games year in and year out I can see why - some of these players are a bunch of ROCKS!”

24. “I can’t believe what l’m observing here...”

23. “Sometimes I wish I was still playing but when I see guys struggling I’m glad I’m not”

22. “When I was playing and guys were on first I’d always try and find out how he’s swinging the bat and then relay that info to our pitcher. Y’know, CIA stuff - covert operations”

21. “Oh boy he just goosed that one - that’s a real helicopter”

20. “Ah there’s my wife Kai and my youngest daughter Mary with the Mets uniform on. That’s my uniform, of course”

19. “Sorry I’m a little testy tonight. I get perturbed at poor play”

18. “You really gotta grope and fondle your way though it”

17. “I’ve never seen such a preponderance of open stance hitters in the big leagues. In my day everyone had very closed stances”

16. When spotting a #17 Hernandez jersey in stands,
“Hey look at that - They still love me”

15. “Look at the left fielder if he’s gonna play that deep he’s out of his mind!”

14. “Excuses, excuses, excuses!”

13. Dodge Ask the Booth Question: What would you suggest to shorten the length of games?
Mex: “Less commercials.”

12. “Wow Ronnie did you learn that ’vector’ stuff at Yale?”

11. “Oh, I can’t have any dairy — but thank you”

10. “I know I’m being critical but there have just been some rock-head plays tonight”

9. “’Tea and crumpets,’ as W.C. Fields would say”

8. “That’s lack of effort right there. I mean that’s a long way to run for the catcher. We’re not gonna sit here and poo-poo this, the first baseman’s gotta bust in there and that’s gotta be his ball”

7. “One thing you don’t want to see in a pitcher, and I know Ronnie will back me up on this, is someone who pouts when things don’t go well. That’s when you’ve gotta reach down for something extra and pull through”

6. “A pitching coach can definitely go out there and chew out a pitcher. "C’mon lets go - No one’s gonna feel sorry for you out here"... but I don’t know if they do that anymore”

5. “Oh Lord have mercy- the ball was right down the pipe!”

4. “From a defensive point of view I never went into a fielding slump”

3. “I have no clue what they are talking about. I wish I could lip read”

2. Mex: “That’s just a stupid pitch! Hmmm, that was a little harsh wasn’t it - ’Stupid pitch’?”
Gary: “Well, it wasn’t the wisest pitch.”
Mex: “That’s a better way to put it. You’re far more eloquent than me, Gar.”

1. “It was a Huckleberry Finn life for me growing up playing ball on Artichoke Field”

0. “I hate π”

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