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Let's go Mets!

York City Sports

A New York Mets Blog for all fans of the New York Mets, especially former fans of the Brooklyn Dodgers and residents of Brooklyn, written by Adam Salazar.

Sorry, it seems as though we lost some tattoo pictures during the switch in hosting. If yours has been lost, we’d like to replace it. If you have a copy of the lost picture, please send email to webmaster[at], and attach it.

BMF Tattoo Nick Maggio wears his Mets allegiance on his arm!
BMF Tattoo Mr. Met runs the bases for Scott Breslove from Belleville.
BMF Tattoo Josh Steinberg from Staten Island couldn't even wait for the tattoo to heal!
BMF Tattoo Steve from Newburgh shows his spirit.
BMF Tattoo Jim C from Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, hits a double.
BMF Tattoo Jim C from Bayridge Brooklyn ALSO shows love for the '55 Dodgers!
BMF Tattoo Have you seen this vendor?
BMF Tattoo Have you seen this woman?
BMF Tattoo Brian M from Wantagh shows off his leg.
BMF Tattoo Crystal from Ozone Park got Mets stamped on her leg.
BMF Tattoo Jonathan from West Palm Beach with fresh Met ink
BMF Tattoo John from Gravesend Brooklyn rocks the interlocking NY
BMF Tattoo Paul Friedman of Robbinsville wears his Met ink with pride
BMF Tattoo "Lucky" Tekara from Corona Queens
BMF Tattoo Don't Mess with Peter Petardi from Queens
BMF Tattoo Danny Rehl from Apex NC has an amazin' b&w piece
BMF Tattoo John Cropp down in Athens, GA wears a tribute to Old Shea
BMF Tattoo Jake O'Neil is representing for the Mets in Moundsville, WV
BMF Tattoo Jerry Donahoe from Saddle Brook NJ will always believe
BMF Tattoo Darren Meenan from Douglaston Queens is working on a Mets sleeve!
BMF Tattoo Keith "Piggy" Pignetti from New Hyde Park rocks the interlocking NY on his calf
BMF Tattoo Big Jim from Plainsboro NJ sports 2 championship banners
BMF Tattoo Even though eric from Port Richmond is a Phillie Fan I thought this was worthy of the BMF Tattoo Parlor!!!
BMF Tattoo Dylan Weinstein from Morganville, NJ is has some blazing hot Met ink
BMF Tattoo Kaitlyn Wait from Sayreville, NJ sports the traditional NY and skyline
BMF Tattoo Kyle Deleon from Ridgefield, CT Rocks a Running Mr Met
BMF Tattoo Brian from East Northport, LI sports the good ol NY
BMF Tattoo Kevin Garney from China Grove, NC & Hampton Bays, NY pays tribute to the Apple
BMF Tattoo Doug Payne from the BX loves dumping on Yankee fans PART A
BMF Tattoo Doug Payne from BX - PART B
BMF Tattoo Rich Pantano supports the Mets in Traverse City, Michigan
BMF Tattoo Kyle from Albany sports an NY on his pec
BMF Tattoo Check out Gil Lewkowitz (Islandia, NY) and his fresh ink done at Michaelangelo Ink - Artist: Jay Eric
BMF Tattoo Omar Alvarez from Hoboken, NJ sporting Met colors on his calf
BMF Tattoo Check out Ivan Vazquez from Palm Bay, FL, scorching hot Met tattoo
BMF Tattoo Omar Alvarez of Hoboken is a Met fan inside & out!
BMF Tattoo Omar from Hoboken bleeds NY Mets
BMF Tattoo Ricky Brecheen from Cincinnati, Ohio got a life-like Mr Met
BMF Tattoo Chris Sygney from East Islip, NY sports a nicely shaded Mr Met
BMF Tattoo Emily from Williamsport, Pa will forever Believe!
BMF Tattoo Eric from Lake George has the honor of Final Ink on BMF!

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