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A New York Mets Blog for all fans of the New York Mets, especially former fans of the Brooklyn Dodgers and residents of Brooklyn, written by Adam Salazar.

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Jules Posten aka THE FOXSTER from NYC says:
i was an old line Brooklyn Dodger fan who lived and died with them from 1949,ag (age 9) right through the heartbreaker Walter O'Malley. after they left, i kid of lost interest in baseball. i was in the service when the Mets came into being in 1962.

BMF webmaster from NY says:
We're back, with (I hope) a solution for the spam.

beeoso61 from florida, ny says:
in 1971 or 1972, a scout named nino escalera saw my uncle playing in puerto rico and gave him an $8,000 bonus to go to spring training. he was cut before the broke camp but he met mays and clemente. since then i rooted for the mets. hate the skankees !

thomas from queens ny says:
Yogi Berra!

GB from Brooklyn says:
NL NYC team; Dodgers/Giants; no DH; underdog; Brooklyn; curiosity; lower budget; Citifield (vs Yankee Stadium II); plus, the Mets are a good place for all old Yankee fans to retire

Ashley Hilmer (AKA) Ms. Mets from Elizabethtown, pa says:
I was born April 1, 1986 in New Brunswick NJ. My mom loves the METS and always says they won the 86 world seried because of me! I love the METS and always will! So if your ever in PA give me a HONK my plate reads MS METS !!!! LETS GO METS

James from Monroe CT says:
Because without them life would be meaningless

Jong Lyte from brooklyn bushwick says:
I love ma mets ! growin up all my friends like the s**ty yankees but not me.. I loved mets colors and ima big underdog fan and mets in new york are underdogs

Frankiebeans from Queens NY says:
I'm a sucker for losers

Susan from Columbus, Montana says:
My father was determined to be a Met fan from day one, and so w

Ben from Columbia MD says:
Because Mets fans really make the most of a victory? ever since the yanks fired Joe Torre the've gone downhill and the dogers have been climbing up.

hi5wright from Queens says:
I'm posting my reasons just because after every game the Mets find a way to los, i wonder why I AM a Mets fan. So my reason is plain and simple: I live in NY (Queens) and if I DIDN'T root for the Mets, I would have to root for the Yankees. Enough said.

Alex from Virginia Beach says:
Beacause of the Norfolk (Tidewater) Tides.... still makes me smile to see so many Met fans at the park after the orange birds invaded the Mets home in the South

Jaclyn Montalbano from Lindenhurst says:
I love how the Mets keep me on the edge of my seat every game!

matthew traub from lindenhurst newyork says:
because the mets are a true working mans team there the best of ny not the stankees.

Jordan from Suffern says:
I hate the YANKEES!!!

Rob from College Point says:
86 champ all I have to say

Billy Stitt from Brooklyn, New York says:
I was born and raised in New York. I have followed the Mets since their early days. They have never done anything the easy way. And neither do I. How could you not be a DIE HARD FAN. "Let's Go Mets!!!!"

Daren C from Norfolk, VA - By way of Flushing and Westbury says:
Because of WOR and remembering watching: Koosman, Seaver strike out 19 Padres, Matlack and Clemente, Harrelson and Rose, Millan, Mike Vail, June 12 1977, Mex, Kid and game 7 of 86. Will 4ever be a fan no matter how many times they break my heart!

Mark from Watchung, NJ says:
Watched the 86 World Series with my family, I was 10. My favorite players growing up were Darryl Strawberry, Gary Carter, Doc Gooden, etc. Growing up, my friends and I always talked Mets, wore the t's, jackets, etc. And, they're the underdog...

Bklyn54 from Brooklyn,NY says:
Was 14 in '69, saw the Series in person "73, season tickets '84-'86, WS for the Buckner game. Diehard. Bleed Orange and Blue.

Steve from Jersey says:
Of the fact that Shea shakes, I have hugged total strangers at playoff games. Doc Gooden painted on the side of a building was the first thing that I saw as the bus pulled into Manhattan.

Damian from Flushing/ Jamaica, NY says:
I was actually born in Montreal, Canada. The first game I ever went to was the Expos vs. the Mets at "The Big O", (as is oh no!). So once we moved here in '83, and then Carter came over, I was like, "Hey, I know him!" And that's how it started.

Harry W from Weatherford, Texas (from Long Island) says:
1st Mets game was against Drysdale & the Dodgers at the Polo Grounds (pre-Shea). The reasons I'm a Mets fan: Casey Stengel, Yogi Berra, The Kid, David Wright

Joe M from Brooklyn says:
The Reason We Are Mets Fans

Maspeth Met from Maspeth, New York says:
First, I was born in Flushing New York. Second, my parents were from Brooklyn and were diehard Brooklyn Dodger fans. No such thing as a yankee fan in the family. Most importantly you feel something when they win.

rustystaubsillegitimateson from brooklyn (originally) says:
my father was a met fan - he tried out for the mets in 61 or 62 at the parade grounds in bklyn the first game i ever went to was the 73 worldseries when i was a year and a half old - and cuz rusty staub is my hero

Jon S. from Jersey says:
When I was 5 my father gave me a pin with Gary Carter on it, and I wore it all season...Go Mets!

Jerry D from Flushing, NY says:
Born in Flushing in 1960, grew up out on the island, was nine when the Amazin's won it all!!!! Living in Pittsburgh now and still a HUGE Mets fan.

Jerry D from Pittsburgh says:
Born in 1960 in Flushing, Dodgers bloodlines in the family, nine years old when the Amazin's won their first WS, still know the entire roster with batting averages, still rooting for my Mets from Pittsburgh in 2008!

Bill Hayden from Buffalo N.Y says:
I love the Mets! The National League is what baseball is all about! GO METS!

86 Forever from Lake Worth, Fl. says:
Nails, Doc, the Kid, Straw, Mookie, Mex, I'll never forget the feeling of game 6 w/ my dad.

Andy E. from Clinton, CT says:
Dad grew up a Brooklyn Dodgers fan on Staten Island and he raised me right. It was awesome growing up being the third wheel in a town split 50/50 Yanks/BosSox because I could make fun of both sides! :-P

Rob from Austin, TX (born in London, UK) says:
Been a fan since '84. A TV channel in England covered some Major League games and one of them was when the Mets beat LA 5-1 and Doc struck out 12 through 9. He was unreal. I loved the atmosphere at Shea, even through a TV 3500 miles away!

Larry from Brooklyn says:
My mom was a Dodger fan, then ardent Met fan, that's how she brought me up. There would be no other way.

Eric from Staten Island says:
Because I have a scar on my head from where my grandma dropped me from her lap cheering on the Mets. They've left their mark on me.

dave from oakdale, NY (now buford, GA) says:
Because my father was a die hard Brooklyn Dodger fan. Because of Lenny Dykstra, Darryl Strawberry, Dwight Gooden and the rest of the 86 Mets. Because i was 9 yrs old when the Mets won dominated MLB in 86. Because YA GOTTA BELIEVE!

Liam from Brooklyn NY says:
well ive been a mets fan since i was first born ive been to games 3,4,5 of the 2000 world series also game 5 of the lcs in 2000 even those games couldnt compare to the game i went to on 9/21/01 when mike piazza hit that home run was the greatest game ever

Kevin from Anadarko, Oklahoma says:
I have always loved baseball, in 1986 I saw Darryl Strawberry hit the longest homerun I have ever seen in my life. I was hooked and my dad bought me my first fitted mets hat and I wore it until it fell apart. I still have my 1988 NL East champion hat.

Theresa from Brooklyn says:
1986 was the greatest year of my life.

julius from orig - bronx ny but live in st augustine florida says:
my father grew up right across the street from yankee stadium and was sick of always hearing about mantle and the rest of the yankees, so when the mets came out in 1962 he became a huge fan. ive been a fan since i could remember

BGA from Jacksonville, FL says:
Because when I was younger and living in South Jersey, all of the kids on our block were either Yankee fans, or Phillie fans. Talk about obnoxious. I decided to be different and became a Mets fan. That was 1984 and I have loved them ever since!!

Angela from Stamford, CT. says:
because my first ever baseball card growing up was HoJo's all-star card. Because there's no better day than a day at Shea, and lastly, because Mets fans are the best fans...enough said! See ya at Shea!!!

Andrew from Lubbock, TX says:
First generation Mets fan. I'm simpily tired of everyone thinking New York is the Yankee state, to much political bulls**t and ego in that orginazation. True METS fan for life! GO METS!

Kyle from West Babylon, New York says:
It's part of who I am. I grew up on Long Island to a family of Yankee haters and there was no other choice but to love the Amazins! Being a Mets fan to me is about who I am and we're I come from and above all else that "ya gotta believe"! LETS GO METS

FlyBriBelieves from CT says:
Third generation Met fan... It's like being born into royalty. Mets fans have true loyalty, we don't follow the rings. LETS GO METS

Ralph Lanziano from Brooklyn says:
My Dad was a die hard Brooklyn Dodger fan and if I had rooted for the Yankees, I would have be kicked out the house. My earliest memories were late 70's. They were bad teams but I still rooted. Joel Youngblood was my first favorite player.

Wayne ( AKA ) METFAN4LYFE from Brooklyn says:
From the Cradle to the Grave . It started in 1969 and I'm still in Love until I Die. 1969, 1973, 1986 , all amazing looking foward to 2008

Rose from BROOKLYN! says:
because rooting for the yankees is like rooting for the rockafellas

MOB from Long Beach NY says:
my MOM took us to shea in freezing ass weather when i was 7 and made us stay the whole game, cuz thats what you do. and yeah, the Mets lost. but we love em anyway


John Cropp from Athens, Ga (born in Bridgeport, Ct) says:
Because Shea had a lot for Pepperidge Farm to park it's busses, because Lenny Dykstra played like I played (covered in dirt), and because Mets fans are funnier than Yankee fans.

Marty from Virginia Beach says:
Because I come from a line of Dodger lovers and Yankee haters. As a kid, loved the trip from Staten Island to Shea. Mookie Wilson, Bob Stanley, Bill Buckner, Ray Knight, Jesse Orosco's glove. Has that thing landed yet? LET"S GO METS, SEE YA AT SHEA!!

Megan from Queens says:
because you can root for Rocky or you can root for the Russian

Orfeo Moon Ball from Rockland/ Flushing says:
Metropoliticos, Metropolitan, Met = From Ancient Greek- An Honorable /Inteligent socialy involved citizen of the Mother City ( Metro Polis). The expression Yankee originaly comes from the New Amsterdam citizens would salute someone called john, johankee.

Samantha from Staten Island says:
Raised as a Mets fan by my parents, who are both fans. My first trip to Queens was to Shea.

Tim from Formerly of the Bronx says:
Going to games with my two older brothers. Taking the bus to Queens (hoping for the Green Line QBx1 to come because it had cushioned seats. Getting off at Main St in Flushing and taking the walk down Roosevelt Ave to the Stadium.

cowcrusher from B'ville, NY says:
I come from a long line of Brooklyn Dodger fans! Mets fans tend to be the coolest and friendliest people in the world..hey, "anybody" can be a poser=Skankee fan


Jay The Dawg from Jersey City, NJ says:
Because the first game I ever remember watching was game 6.

Christine from Ozone Park says:
I'm a Met fan because when my Mom found out she was going to have me she let my family know at a Met game by buying an infant Met shirt. I've been watching the Mets religiously since they brought me home from the hospital in '86.

Chris Galluzzo from Whittier, California says:
I love the Mets! plain and simple, when I was a little kid I called them The "Mits". I had family that lived in NY and have been to Shea many times. Feel free to honk @ me if you are in LA, my plates read 7TOSHEA

Anillusiondog from Brooklyn says:
Because we all knew that George Steinbrenner was crazy long ago

The Dude from Morris Park, Bronx NY says:
Because no one needs a stupid ass skankee fan coming into our blog and giving his insight....go back to celebrating second place like little leaguers you poser

Michael in NJ from Bloomfield, New Jersey says:
Because sometimes you just gotta laugh. Since when is New York a National League town? AL Pennants 39, NL Pennants 33, including Giant and Dodger pennants before the Yanks arrived. This was settled forever in 2000. The Curse of Kevin Mitchell lives.

Jeff Hoose from Las Vegas, NV (Formerly New Milford, CT) says:
Because there are two types of people, the sort of people that wear those "Numbers don't lie" t-shirts, and people that live to see that big apple come out of that hat!

steven cruz from central islip says:
because my dad was a dodger fan and i thought when they send a player to the american league they would never be heard again and we hate the yankees. when we hear the yankees rule i ask them are you loyal yankee fans tell me about their history and their

Ed from Bronx, NY says:
Because they REALLY capture the essence of New York when they win. Look at the excitement of 69 and 86. No Yankee team has ever created that much excitement as those Mets teams. Oh and, New York will ALWAYS be an NL town.

Paul from Staten Island, New York says:
Because we're the underdog in our own city and you always root for an underdog, through thick and thin, no matter what. When they celebrate, you celebrate. When they're down after a tough loss, you see it in their faces and feel for them.

Adam from Colchester, UK says:
Im From England, And When I Went To See My Relatives In Manhattan, I Watched ESPN And Saw David Wright Hit A 2-Run Homer, At The Time i Knew Nothing About Baseball, But Shea Erupted. From Then On i buy at least 1 ticket a month and fly over for a weekend.

Mary from Brooklyn, NY says:
Because my parents loved the Dodgers and detested the Yankees more than any other team. Because the Yankees are a conglomerate and not a team. I like teams. Teams make up baseball and this team has always had more heart than any other.

Sean Carusi from Long Island, NY says:
because it takes skill to root for the losing team, Anyone can cheer for a winner (Yankees). Im sick of all these Yankee fans who talk trash about the Mets up until the last two years because the Yankees suck they are now "New York Fans"

Ed from Bronx NY says:
I was raised loving the Mets during the 1980's and it has stuck with me since. Plus, I take a lot of pride being a Met fan in the Bronx and I always loved being the underdog and rooting for another underdog makes it all the much funner. LETS GO METS!!!

AndrewG from Southern California says:
As a kid watching the '84 All-Star game in SF (I grew up in NorCal). Carter in his white shoes and white uniform. Doc and Straw were studs before they were Yankees. '86-jumping up and down as a third grader in our apartment in NorCal. Let's go Mets!

bob from boston says:
david wright is the man.im a red sox fan, but david wright is still the man.

Paul from Paulding Co. GA, from Staten Island originally says:
My reasons are simple, if u like good baseball, you have to watch the Mets. Even though we wanna forget 02-04, it doesnt matter, because Mets fans are loyal no matter what they do, unlike those Bronx fans that jump on the bandwagons

Craig Bertagni from Oceanside NY says:
I love the Mets I BELIEVE win or lose, T hey are Electric with a never say die Attitude! Lets Go Mets! Our fans make shea Rock I want you to go to the window open it up and say LETS GO METS!!!!!!!!!!!! No other place on earth sounds like that!

Dewayne from Atlanta, GA says:
born in Atlanta, but been a huge mets fan since I was about 7 years old. I bleed blue and orange. Also because of Doc Gooden and Darryl Strawberry my 2 all-time favorite players. Every year I go to NYC just to see the mets play at Shea

Evelyn from Brooklyn NY says:
Because my Dad was a Dodger fan and of course he became a Met fan,so my brother and I bleed Mets orange and blue with my Dad.WE HATE THE YANKEES!!!!!!!!

Matty Q from Queens, NY says:
Because I'm a quiff

Noreen from Long Island says:
Because the Yankees Suck!

Marlon Munoz from Leeds, NY says:
Because when I arrived in the US in 1990 I worked in an Italian deli. The people the owned the placed listened to Mike and the mad dog every day. One day they looked at me and said, you know, you like like Bobby Bonilla...I've been a fan ever since.

Steve Yarnall from Stevenson Ranch, Calif. (via Long Island) says:
Memories of Tom Terriffic on Kiners Korner, beating Pete & the Reds in '73, heartbroken in '77 with 41 leaving, Mazz thru the dark years, getting Mex in'83(thanx Whitey), the excitement of Doc and the turnaround in '84, 108 & WS CHAMPS in '86, Piazza's HR

Steve C. (Keith for HOF!) from Norfolk, Va says:
Because of the Tidewater Tides! I grew up less than a mile from Met Park watching guys like Doc,Lenny Dysktra, and Kevin Elster on their way up. Also watched guys like Stan Jefferson, John Mitchell, and career Tide Steve Springer play their hearts out!

John from Sayville says:
because the first thing my dad did when I was brought home from the hospital was sit me in front of the TV to begin my teachings early.

Dominic from Brooklyn says:
I arrived at the age of reason just as Willie Mays returned to New York. Ergo, a Mets fan for life.

Alex from Seaford,NY says:
The Mets apple popping out on homeruns! The craziness in the parking lot after the Mets clinched in 2006! Been a fan since '84, through good and bad times!!

Hazelle from Loughborough, United Kingdom says:
Because everyone who knows nothing about basball in the UK supports the Yankees. First game I ever saw was on a freezing evening against the Phils. We lost, but I was hooked and haven't looked back since

Jim from Brooklyn says:
because brooklyn should never be yankee country, and you can't take your eyes off that orange and blue

Dan from Jersey says:
the Mets are for the blue collar fans who stick to what they believe in, and we believe in the Mets

dave from islip, NY says:
because of dykstra, backman, strawberry, knight, carter, gooden, fernandez, orosco, wilson, teufel, etc. etc. etc.

Paulie [eatl/ga] from Originally: Whitestone, NY; Currently: Atlanta, GA says:
Because it's fun to go to Turner Field and tell Braves fans to f*ck off. Waiting for Opening Day...

Paulie [eatl/ga] from Originally: Whitestone, NY; Currently: Atlanta, GA says:
Old enough to remember watching the Mets in the '73WS;

GroteFan from Shelter Island, New York says:
No good reason. First game was Mayors Trophy at the old Yankee Stadium in about '71. First real game was a weekday day game with my dad and my friend when I was about 9. Seaver Lost a very close one. Grandpa was a Dodgers turned Mets fan.

Craig from Brooklyn, NY says:
Because I grew up in a household that was NATIONAL League. My father was from the Bronx but loved the Brooklyn Dodgers, until O'Malley took them west. Then our beloved Mets showed up.

Mickey Not Mantle from Brooklyn, NY says:
Because one Wright beats an A-Rod flush

Mickey Not Mantle from Brooklyn, NY says:
Because two Carloses are better than one!

Mickey Not Mantle from Brooklyn, NY says:
Because great pitching beats great hitting, and visa versa

Felix Danz from Manorville, NY says:
`Cause I grew up in Jackson Heights in the shadow of Shea Stadium; was serenaded summers long ago by Lindsey Nelson, Ralph Kiner & Bob Murphy over a transistor radio & let out early by the nuns to watch the `69 Mets win "The Impossible Dream".

Phil from Hope, New Jersey says:
Because if I wasn't a Mets fan I wouldn't eat at night, it was sacrilege to be anything else.

presto from little falls,ny says:
I've been a Mets fan since their inception. Was one of a group of owners of the NYPenn league LIttle Falls Mets before they moved to Pittsfield,then Brooklyn.. I also have a crown on my tooth of the Mets logo.


Fred from Middletown, NJ says:
Because the only choice you haveiseither to be a Mets fan or a Yankees fan. And really that's no choice at all. I saw them play at the Polo grounds (was at the last game there and the first game at Shea). They were dubbed the "Amazin's" by Stengel and

Lukas from Jackson Heights, NY says:
BECAUSE NY METS run in my blood and always will!

Justin from Edinburgh, Scotland says:
I first came to the US in 1985 as a counsellor at a camp on Long Island for kids with disabilities. They were all Mets fans. Been hooked ever since. Ended up moving to CT 10 years ago.

Brad from New Carlisle, OH says:
Because they captured my heart way back in '86 and they've never let go. I may not be from New York, but I'm a Met for life!

Jeff the UpStateMetsFan from Rochester says:
Move to Rochester from Minnie Apple when I was 10. Over the next few years, I started listening to Mr. Murphy and Gary every night. My love for the team grew from there. I’m not ashamed to admit that I shed a tear when Mr. Murphy passed on.

John Smith from Brooklyn (garden spot of the world) says:
Genetics,Dad was a Brooklyn Dodger fan,my brothers woke me when I was 3 too see Mets win in 69,went to Shea in the very lean 70's great 80's mediocre 90's.Being met fan builds character

chris from bklyn from brooklyn says:
Because growing up in NY you had to choose ( Mets or Yanks) My Mom and Grandpa were Dodger fans who taught me to hate the Yankees. Becuse I still tell my son stories of the 86 squad, hoping one day he'll have a team like that.

JG from Peterborough, NH says:
Because I was born in Flushing to a Dad who used to climb the fence at the Polo Grounds to watch Mel Ott because it was easier to sneak into than Ebbet's Field. Because of Jerry Grote, Tommie Agee, Le Grand Orange, Gary Carter, Doc, Wheels, et al.

orangnblue ken from riverdale by way of the lower east side says:
If you lived through the Kevin McReynolds/Bobby Bonilla era, You're a Mets Fan. If you froze your ass off in the upper deck at a means-nothing game in late September, circa 1977 when the pigeons outnumbered the fans, You're a Mets fan!

James from Spokane, WA says:
Because the longer I live here, the more I can not stand the Yankees and their obnoxious fans.

BlondiesJake from Nanuet, NY says:
I was born at noon on Oct 16, 1969, the day they won the WS. My mother was a NY Giants fan and when they left town, and the Mets were born in 1962, she adopted them and still roots for them, even though she lives in Arizona.

Mike Landry from Bradenton, Florida says:
Two words...Rusty Staub.

Mike Landry from Bradenton, Florida says:
I'm a met fan because of Tom Seaver and Keith Hernanadez know more about pitching and hitting than ANYONE in the history of baseball. And if you don't believe me...just ask them!

Mets Rule! from Queens says:
...because the mets Rule!!!

Marc from Riverdale says:
...because of the airplanes that fly over Shea!

alex from manhattan says:
those orange and blue uniform colors are so cool!

Kid#8 from Queens says:
...because as kids we watched games from the subway ramp

Mike S from Jersey says:
They're perpetual underdogs, they need us ...

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